The 5 Levels of Self-Defense Situation

NOTE: You train for the now and unexpected. Learning how to control the fear energy of the unexpected and the reality of it occurring. Therefore, it is important to note that all levels of self-defense require some degree of the control of fear energy. The more control (awareness) the more mastery the more effective technique.

LEVEL 5  - No uncertainty, no doubt, no lost emotion or over exaggerated ego. There is no energy given to create a situation (there is no need for physical confrontation). Therefore there is no victim. Total avoidance thru awareness.

LEVEL 4 - Avoidance is capable before it occurs, but a lesser degree than level 5. This person carries him/herself in such a way as to know when to be firm or apologetic, when to smile or run away. Emulates correct body language naturally. All actions are done with a sense the inactive instinct. No apology of action is made at the expense of self. No victim persona. There are openings for physical confrontation.

LEVEL 3 - Avoidance is capable before it occurs, but at a lesser degree than level 4. Levels 4 and 5 have failed. A physical attack has been made. This person has the ability to stop an attack while in progress by meeting it head on of going with it. Each using the attackers energy to assist in making the self defense technique more powerful and more effective.

LEVEL 2 – Avoidance is still possible before it occurs but at a much lesser degree than level 3. Levels 5, 4 and 3 have failed. An attack has been made and you are caught off guard. Locked in a grab from behind, held in a bear hug. Now certain techniques will not work because timing element is negated and the catching, the intercepting and the follow through are voided. The attackers energy focus is around your neck, your shoulder etc, must be redirected to another part of his body that will cause immediate and severe pain. Then at the instant an opening occurs follow through with a trained technique and run.

LEVEL 1 – The entry-level person has very little ability to avoid confrontation before it occurs; yet it is still possible. Levels 5, 4, 3 and 2 have failed. You are in a very uncompromising position. Knife to the throat, gun to the head, on the ground and unable to move etc. Your fear energy is running rampant. You must find a calm thought (space). Listen to the intuitive. It will tell you if you’re about to die or not. Turn the tables on the attacker(s). Catch him off guard. Convince him of your sincerity to do as he wishes and be ready. For an opening will occur when the attacker lets his guard down. Seize it with a vengeance with your total will and intent to harm and destroy.