Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

For your convenience we’ve made a list of the answers to some familiar questions asked by perspective students.  We hope this assists you in making MercerAcademy of Martial Arts your school of choice.

What do I have to do to get started?

If you are ready to become a member, we’ll get your paperwork started, your class schedule worked out, and fit you for a karate uniform.  If you are undecided we welcome you to come in and take a look around, and if you like, to observe a karate class.  If you are still undecided you can schedule and appointment to take a FREE INTRODUCTORY TRIAL CLASS.

What is the first class like?

Your first class will cover classroom protocol, basic stances and movements and explain fundamental principals of the martial arts.  You will be instructed privately as well as in a group.  We emphasize quality over quantity.  So taking your time and adjusting at your own pace is encouraged.

What’s next?
What about a class schedule?

Consistency and a commitment on your part to a regular class schedule are very important.  The more quality you put in, the more quality you will get out.  We have classes available throughout the week to make scheduling your class training more convenient.

How much will this cost?

Costs will vary according to the length of your enrollment and the number of classes you attend per week. We do not require any long-term membership, but do have them available at discount rates.  We offer you a variety of different plans to assist you with your individual budget needs.

Who teaches the classes?

Master Ron Jones or one of the certified instructors of the American Karate Jujitsu System teaches all classes.

What style of martial arts am I learning?

Our style name is American Karate Jujitsu.  However, the question is better asked, “What styles of martial arts am I learning?”  At Mercer Academy of Martial Arts you will be learning a unique system, which combines the fundamental principals of a variety of martial arts and self-defense systems.  Our classic foundation is based on the traditional Korean Art of Tang Soo do. Our self-defense system consists of boxing, mixed martial arts, Japanese and Brazilian Jujitsu along with American Kickboxing. Our weapon training has its roots in the traditional Okinawan, Korean and Japanese styles.  We believe this makes our system one of the most informative, knowledgeable and useful styles of today.

What equipment will I be expected to purchase?

Karate uniform, belt and club T-shirt for summer training are required.  When you reach senior level training (12 to 18 months); you will need hand and foot gear.  If you want any additional equipment for yourself, such as headgear, striking pads, weapons etc., you can purchase them at a reduced cost and savings through our school order program.

How do I advance in rank?

As a beginner you will start with a white belt.  All colored belt levels except Cho Dan Bo and Black belts receive senior and or advanced striping.  Changing of a belt color up to red requires a promotion class with a $35 fee, which includes a new belt, a school membership card and an official certificate of belt rank.

I felt a little self conscious about starting karate.  What should I do?

Most everyone starting out expresses this same concern to a greater or lesser extent.  Making the leap so to speak and crossing over the line to new and uncertain territories always requires a certain amount of courage and belief in you.  Once you do the first and most important thing, inquire and get started, you will see how quickly you become comfortable with karate training. We have a terrific group of dedicated students and instructors who look forward to lending a hand and assisting you with your training needs.  Remember, all of our students at one time or another started out just like you.

Will I lose weight and get in good shape?

Yes you will!  Martial art training utilizes anaerobic isometric and isotonic exercise to achieve greater strength, speed, endurance and flexibility and is a great cardiovascular workout.  If you train regularly and give 100% and keep a good diet you will get in top shape, and commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Do children train separate from adults?

Children have their own karate kids’ classes, but can also train with adults in our special parents/kids training classes on Saturday mornings or if they are senior level ranks and are invited to train in an adult class.

What if I’m going to miss class for more than a week?

If you know you are going to miss your class training for more than a week please notify our staff and let us know you are alright and then be sure to try and make up your missed classes with extra class training.

Should I train at home?

Absolutely!  We highly recommend this and encourage all of our students to put in extra time on their own, whether it is push-ups, sit-ups, and practicing forms or stretching out in front of the TV.  This initiative to excel will grow in leaps and bounds for you in everything you do.  An extra 20 to 30 minutes, once or twice a week will make a difference and pays off greatly for you over the course of your karate training.