Membership Information

No Contracts

Mercer Academy of Martial Arts offers a variety of flexible memberships and family plans with no long-term contracts or hidden fees. You can choose to pay monthly, every three months; which is the most popular or yearly in advance. We offer one class a week, two classes a week (most popular) or unlimited classes per week determined by payment plan. There is a one-time registration fee that’s charged after you try our six-week special and choose to stay with us. There’s a significant cost savings when two or more family members join. We don’t require a long-term contract. If for any reason you can’t continue, you won’t be locked into a contract and can’t get out.

Kids and adults classes are separate. Belt levels and experience break down kid’s classes. We also offer one class a week that allows all kids of all belt levels to train. This is a great experience for the beginners to see and meet the advance kids. We also offer a family class on Saturday morning, which allows a parent and their child to train together. Quite a bit of family members take advantage of this class.

With the number of classes we offer, you do not have to commit to a specific night. You can come to any class that fits your schedule and meets the needs of your belt level. This allows the schedule to be very flexible when other things conflict such as school, vacations, sickness, injuries or other activities. If you miss classes, you can make them up anytime within your membership. You don’t need special permission. All we ask are if you’re going to be away few a few weeks let us know.

We do not offer different club memberships, such as black belt club or masters club. We believe every student should receive the same instruction without paying extra. This is what our martial arts philosophy is based on. We believe it’s unfair for students to be neglected based upon how much they pay. We don’t force students to participate in tournaments or extra activities. Students may participate in tournaments voluntarily.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the lowest rates in the area with no long-term contracts required and yet providing the highest quality of instruction. We allow the freedom to choose classes and memberships based on your lifestyle. We want to encourage the success of our students in the dojo and out in the world. This is why Mercer Academy of Martial Arts has been successful for over 26 years!