Self Defense (Practical and Reality Based)

Self DefenseStudents will learn to defend against standup aggression, the most common type of attack on the streets. Students will learn defense against knife, gun, sticks and multiple attackers. Students will also learn fundamental ground techniques and submissions.

The techniques you will be learning here have been designed to work with your art and sport and can be applied practically in realistic situations. If you can avoid a dangerous situation by negotiating, or by some other non-aggressive means, we strongly suggest that you do so!

If you can’t escape the situation, then use what we call, Situation Training. You will be trained to be prepared for situations such as: an attacker choking you from the rear, grabbing your arm or shoulder, or punching and kicking you.

We work to perfect your skills and techniques, then we add in the “what if” factor. “What if”: I’m fighting multiple attackers, or I fall to the ground, or my opponent counters my attack? These are real situations we present and prepare you to overcome. Always, always, use the survivor’s mindset of taking the attack and turning it on the attacker.

We can’t let ourselves be submissive or on the defense; we must take the movement and be dominant!