Why Train With Us

At Mercer Academy of Martial Arts, Looking good is not enough

These days it’s easy to find martial arts fitness classes wherever you go. Kickboxing, Tae Bo, Cardio. It’s become the latest rage of the fitness industry. But as more and more people discover this great workout, at Mercer Academy of Martial Arts it’s nothing new nor is it a fad. In fact, it’s what they’ve been perfecting for the past 8 years as Mercer Academy of Martial Arts and 15 years as James Karate at their Ewing location.

The main difference at Mercer Academy of Martial Arts is that they teach effective self-defense and martial art values with their classes. So, what does that add up to in the real world? Ask yourself these questions: What would you do if you were attacked and knocked down to the ground? What would you do if you were being dragged by your hair or legs or you were grabbed and choked from behind? What if your child was being bullied or harassed? Scary stuff. Unfortunately, it’s all too common and factual in today’s world.

At Mercer Academy of Martial Arts, not only will the expert instructors help you kick and punch those pounds away, but they’ll also show you effective and realistic ways to handle those situations and others like them, with easy-to-learn, proven methods. Why not get the best of both worlds and get involved now with an ongoing program at Mercer Academy of Martial Arts.

If you’re feeling intimidated about being in a real martial arts class, then that’s exactly why you should be there to address and conquer those fears, says owner and instructor Ron Jones. You’ll feel 100 times better for it! If you still have doubts or worries, he says, then ask yourself this question: Would you go to a doctor who has only a two-week certification course?

Let Mercer Academy of Martial Arts put their years of experience to work for you. You won’t regret it, Jones says, you’ll only wish you did it sooner.

Mercer Academy of Martial Arts offers a variety of classes throughout the day and evening, six days a week. For men, women and children. Private lessons are available by appointment. No long-term commitment is required. For more information on Mercer Academy of Martial Arts programs and martial arts system of self defense, call (609) 882-6600, visit our website at www.merceracademyofma.com or stop by and visit us at 191 Scotch Road. Plaza in Ewing.

Classes at Mercer Academy of Martial Arts cater to students of all ages and skill levels; they combine a creative teaching style with a realistic and effective self defense system.

All instructors have passed a fingerprint criminal background check.